Terms and conditions

Who we are

Tickets, services and products on this website are sold by The Rotary Club of Haworth and the Worth Valley (the club).

Donations and sponsorships are made to The Rotary Club of Haworth and the Worth Valley Trust Fund (the charity), a charity registered with the HMRC, number ZD07111.

Our events

Santa Fun Run

This is a fundraising event organised by the club with support from The Rotary Club of Keighley (Keighley club). Any funds raised will be used by the charity to support their Community Grants Scheme, investing in local charities and good causes in Haworth and the Worth valley area.

The participant are asked to try to obtain sponsorship for their efforts. A target of £2/lap is suggested, which can be from multiple sponsors. Alternatively, sponsors can make a single payment for the participant completing their run. Any donations made, including any sponsorship, will be to the charity.

A responsible adult is required to supervise any children under the age of 16; the minimum age for participation is 6 years old

Running can be a strenuous activity and participants must ensure that they fit to carry out the run they undertake.

Rotary International, the club, the charity, Keighley club, the individual organisers and helpers do not accept any liability whatsoever for personal accident, injury, public liability, loss, or damage to personal effects that occur during the duration of this event.

It is recommended that appropriate footwear is worn for the duration of the run

Any injury incurred during the running activity must be reported to the organisers

There are no refunds in the event of withdrawal from participation in the event.

The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the schedule or postpone the event should this be necessary.

In the event of cancellation of the event, a refund may be offered.


Event purchases

Santa Fun Run

Santa Suits or other items will be available to collect from the reception desk on the day of the event.

Sponsorship and donations

Sponsorship and donations are made to the charity.

If you have elected to use GiftAid, the trustees will reclaim the tax you have already paid from HMRC and include that amount in addition to the amount you donated.

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