Ticket for Ukrainian Flower Painting Workshop


90-minute workshop into the floral patterns of traditional Ukrainian Petrykivka-style painting.

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  • The workshop will be run by Olha Zhydetska who is an experienced artist for Petrykivka painting and will teach people who may never held a paintbrush before how to produce these wonderful paintings. You do not need to bring any materials with you as they are special to this form of painting and are provided by Olha.
  • Join us at the workshop to unravel the history and secrets of this captivating artform. You’ll delve into the fascinating world of Petrykivka painting, gaining insight into its unique techniques and discovering the joy of bringing beauty to life on canvas.
  • Following the workshop, you can leverage your newfound skills to paint greeting cards, embellish household items, or adorn pottery. Alternatively, you can simply revel in the creative atmosphere and join a noble endeavour to assist people affected by war.
  • Come join us for an hour and a half of creativity and culture as we explore the beautiful art of Petrykivka painting. This traditional Ukrainian folk-art style features vibrant floral motifs and intricate designs that are sure to inspire your inner artist.
  • During the workshop, you will learn the history of Petrykivka painting and receive hands-on guidance from Olha. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced painter, this workshop is perfect for anyone looking to try something new and unleash their creativity.

March 23rd at 10:00